✧ When will SOLID STATE be released?

My partner Scott and I are working hard to get our cyberpunk saga Solid State ready to launch on Webtoon Originals in early 2023!

✧ What brush do you use?

I do all my work in Clip Studio Paint and do all my line work with this brush you can download for free from the CSP asset store.

✧ My D&D campaigns

It makes me super excited when people are interested in my D&D campaigns. I play with my dear friends sicahart, wildspoek, sketchysally, and trashgirlarts - they all post amazing work from our campaigns as well so make sure you check them out! We gather our posts under the #PrideOfPhaedra (with my PC Ira) and #StrixKicks (with me DMing) hashtags on instagram.